Is there still gold in Lapland? Is it worth digging for it?

The Rikastus team is a family which left the busy day to day life and went gold digging in Lapland. By sticking with it for the long run you can find out if there is still gold in Lapland and if its worth digging for it.

We have also figured out how to be gold diggers, what permits are needed and what authorities require so that the digging will be environmentally friendly and respectful of the reindeer habitat.

The RIkastus team designs and builds its own equipment, there is no limit to the challenges. By trial and error we have learned gold panning.


About us


“This is the real enrichment of life but going after self fulfillment - when dreams are made true"

Pasi, the father of the family is the inventor and designer, and is not afraid of work, and can even sleep on the job! Hanna, the family mother manages the catering and other practical matters, so the camp stays in shape! Osmo is a technical superhero, there is no machine he can’t break! Ismo is the careful driver which nothing can shake!

Together we are Team Rikastus!

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Come dig gold!

We offer guided gold mining adventure days to all interested.

Discover the gold mining experience with us. Our property is located in Sodankylä, close to Vuotso village and close to Tankavaara's Gold Village, which offers accommodation and restaurant services.

You will find our offer and free digging days at the Rikastus shop. Ask us also about renting your own digging area, maybe even for the whole summer! The Rikastus land is an extremely mineral-rich area with an average of 3g / m3 of gold mined.

You can also get acquainted with gold mining in the Tankavaara Gold Village or by joining the Lapland Gold Mining Association. LKL members get their digs for free with the help of the Lapland Gold Miners Association's own tools.

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